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Carriage Fabric Crafting Services

Carriage Fabric Crafting Services

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My custom carriage fabric was made for personal use, but since there has been so much interest in it, I have decided to offer my crafting services.

Everyone seems to want different patterns for their wagon. To get you the MOST personalization possible, I have partnered with to make it easy to search the fabric pattern of your choice. TAT will be 3-4 weeks after the order is placed. If you are shipping your own fabric, the clock begins 3-4 weeks after the invoice is fulfilled & fabric has been received. 

How To Order:

  1. Go to and click “Carriage Fabric Crafting Services”.
  2. Complete your order & note your order number.
  3. Pick your desired fabric pattern on Spoonflower & save the hyperlink
  4. EMAIL the link to your desired fabric pattern from spoonflower and your order number

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you desire a different fabric pattern, seamless design or licensed character, you will have to purchase the fabric yourself and ship it to my office. I will send an invoice for $199 for crafting services and other materials to make you the item.  Please email for instructions.

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